One of the biggest aspirations in life is to be a better person. A better improved versions of ourselves. 

So I made a bucket list of values to help pull off Kaizen – never ending self improvement. 

Why Before 25? 

In 2016 I was convinced that I wouldn’t make it to my 25th birthday. My life was a darkness with no ray of light in sight. But here I am today living the best days of my life. 

I couldn’t have survived 2016 alone, not without the love and care of my guardian angels – family, friends and professionals. So to celebrate life and a birthday I didn’t foresee, I’ve decided to channel all the values my angels taught me into activities. 

This isn’t just for me. 

25BEFORE25 is also for you, a beacon of hope. A reminder that the biggest breakthrough is just beyond the darkness; no matter what life throws at us we can rise above it and be better. 


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