1 Fight Your FEAR: Snorkel With Sharks

Coco Island, Seychelles When I was a child my dad used to say a cup of water can kill. Be very afraid of water. I'm guessing this is where my inherited fear of water began. 24 years later, I was still afraid, and now unable to swim. I decided to fight this fear of swimming pools,... Continue Reading →


12 HOURS IN: Nairobi 

I hate layovers. But what can I do? My bank account is still stuck on "the millionaire you've dialed is not available at the moment", so for now I'm banished to the world of affordable connecting flights. I think my opening line should have read, "I hated layovers". That's because a layover at Jomo Kenyatta... Continue Reading →

The Day of the Machines

Heart pounding and threatening to escape its pericardium; skin turned paper thin, turning the slightly chilly breeze into a subzero tempest; gasps segue into excited squeals; my adrenaline rush on this beautiful day at Wonderboom National Airport, Pretoria was nothing to write home about – trust me, my mother could have a heart attack if... Continue Reading →

Finding Paradise On A Budget

A $100 largesse from my baby sister as a birthday gift initiated a three element challenge: 1) Travel within that budget. 2) Carry only the essentials. 3) Experience the bare necessities of life. So I grabbed a backpack (another first) and went off to explore The People’s Paradise – Agbokim Waterfalls, Obudu Cattle Ranch, Cross River National Park – hoping to find Old Mother Nature’s Recipes.

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